Rail Safety

Individual Working Alone Initial


Any individual working alone "On or Near the Line" must be competent to look after their own safety, by establishing and maintaining a safe system of work for the duration of their time on Network Rail's Infrastructure.

Upon successful completion of the course, the candidates will be able to interpret correctly the relevant parts of the Rule Book, the Railway Group Standards.They will be able to demonstrate their understanding and ability to set up and maintain a safe system of work while alone "On or Near the Line".

Course Information

Course Length: 3 Days

The course content is as follows;

  • PTS Re-certification*
  • Introduction to IWA Duties
  • Appointment and responsibilities of IWA
  • When you are working alone
  • Safety Critical communications
  • Safe Systems of Work for Line Blockages
  • Arrangements for a Line Blockage
  • Additional protection
  • Working in a Possession
  • Assessments (Theory & Practical)
  • Post Course Objectives

Upon successful completion a candidate can have their Sentinel Card updated to include probationary IWA competence.

*NOTE: The course duration is 4 days if including DCCR Recertification